Our current year educational support system programme have been started on 7th january, 2013. Total no of students is now 87, more will be admitted soon. Target not more than 140 students.

We give them all educational equipments such as exercise books, books, pen ,pencils, rubber, geometry box, colour pencils, drawing books etc. free teaching also.

 Free Homeopathy dispensary for the villagers (Tuesday & Saturday)
 Football Coaching Camp
 Drawing Class (Sunday Morning)
 Computer Training Programme (mon - fri): We reveived 3 computers from Capgemini India Ltd.,     but not yet installed due to lack of computer table. Hope it will be installed soon.
 We have planned to established a Childrens Park & a Library (small) for the childrens.
 We also planned our dream project to establish a Physically Handicapped Residential Home at our     Centre. After completion of the 1st floor construction. We will now incomplete the ground floor.


The project has an ambitious, but achievable intention of motivating illiterates and dropouts towards education, by 2015. The quantum, we report, may look miniscule, given the reality that exists around us, but for us it’s the intensity of involvement which rises above the magnitude and scales.
A survey conducted shows that approximately 52% of the children who enrolls into primary school drop out when they go to 1st and 5th standard. If this startling report is to be believed, then vision 2015 seems like a distant reality.
A study revealed that

  90% of the children had very low levels of self esteem.
  80% of the children were delinquent.
  90% of the children had never heard of something like” planning ones future”.

These records strengthened our resolve to achieve the goal, and were further emboldened by the community backing. After putting up a long struggle, finally Srijan got a small piece of land on lease from a person residing in Haral, Champahati to start a primary school. Due to severe financial constraints, we started the school with temporary structure, from class I to VI, with a current student headcount of 62 and have identified 6 teachers who are going to teach these students. However with more demand coming from the community to expand and scale up the programme, a need for setting up more classes and cater to increase literacy in the area is felt. This will require more land and space to build up the school. Given with the current infrastructure, it’s a space crunch, where more number of classes and extra students cannot be accommodated.

Also with the passing of days, the numbers of adult literate are also increasing for which more space is required for their education. Various Vocational trainings are being initiated for these women , where extra space is very much required


It has been observed that there is no local hospital near our project area. The community people have to go to the nearest Government hospital in Baruipur, which is around 14 km from the village The roads are not well built, and the infrastructure and means of reaching the hospital are very poor. Especially, in emergency situations like complicated pregnancies or child falling sick, this long arduous journey becomes life threatening. There are hardly any trained local doctors, except some “quacks” in and around the area. To facilitate improvement in basic health, amongst the marginalized families in the operational area, Srijan has planned of the following:

organise health camps and provide various vaccines at low / no cost, taking help from local health dept.
provide information on maintaining basic hygiene required for leading a healthy life.
Safe blood is a major requirement, which is arranged through network of voluntary donors. The highlight of these donations is to get blood free from HIV, Hepatitis & Malarial parasite.
Cataract is another area that directly affects the mobility of the old patients making them dependent on others. For this we have made a tie up with the local Eye bank, and eye check up has been arranged at very minimal / no cost.

Building built will be used for providing health services and conducting health awareness meetings, so that these people can easily get accessible to health check up and medicines during any time of the day , instead of taking the patient to the fur long place to get accessible to Government hospitals .

Action Plan:

For self-reliance and economic re-generation of village youth, men and women.

Training on Computer education.
Sewing machine for Training for village youth in textiles (Jute, Handloom).
Legal Aids Training.
Awareness of Environmental Pollution.
Old Age Home.
Day Care Centre (Crèche).
To arrange proper Sanitation.
To arrange for providing safe drinking water in under developed village.
To arrange for nutrition for the poor village children.
To establish hostels for poor students of SC/OBC.
Health care centre .
Children’s park .


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